Focus Creative Monthly Photography Packages

Do you invest a lot of time and effort in creating photos, videos, and copy for your business?

Have you ever wondered if your content is working for you?

Most companies mistakenly use stock or low quality images to showcase their business. Your business is a reflection of you - your hopes, your dreams, your visions.

We help you by creating great photos and video you can use in your business marketing efforts so the world sees your business as it really is.

Great pictures tell great stories. Let us help you tell yours.


What’s your story?

Images impact what people think.


Like it or not, the images you share online are resonating with your audience. Our goal is to help you attract the right audience through creating custom images that reflect your business - the one you’ve worked so hard to build.

In order to serve our clients the best way possible, we have developed a system to give you tons of content that you love with little effort on your end.

We will have you feeling confident at the beginning of each month knowing that you have all your posts in place and ready to go to make sure you’re on top of your latest promotion and ways to celebrate online with your audience.

Are you ready to find out how we can take the stress out of your monthly social media strategy?


We work with you each month to develop a custom library of images you will love and be proud to share.

We understand you've invested in some media already, so we work with what you already have and add on where needed. No need to recreate the wheel as long as you are on-brand and reaching your customers in an effective way. 


Our monthly packages include:

We focus on commercial photography and video to help your company tell their story in a more effective way. Through creating a custom library of media content, your business will always have photos and videos that make them look great. 

each month, you get exactly what’s been missing from your marketing strategy:

  • 1 hour planning session

  • 1 hour photoshoot including Art Direction, Prop Styling, and Talent Acquisition

  • 20-30 professionally edited photos

  • Instagram grid design


We help you by planning and creating the media content, then all you have to do is add the copy. Plus, most of the copy can be written by you during our planning session. We make it easy, so you can focus on running your business, not planning social media.


  • You get access to the other photos captured during the session for future use.

  • You get access to stock photos curated and created by Focus Creative.

  • We can curate your library using photos you already own to make sure you stay on brand.

  • We create a preset for you to use to make sure all of your photos stay consistent.


Quality photos you can expect:

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Each month, we work with 10 companies to create a custom portfolio of images.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, and we know it’s easy to use stock photos. Let us help you like we’ve helped hundreds of companies create the photos, videos, and marketing plans you deserve that show everyone who you are.

Fill out this short form to claim your spot, and we will be in touch soon!


Focus creative is based in Birmingham, Alabama and serves the Southeast United States. We can’t wait to help your business get the custom content you deserve.

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Why do we think professional photography is so important for your business?

Meet Kassady Gibson, Focus Creative Owner & Photographer

Hi! I’m Kassady Gibson - former derivative account turned professional photographer. My unconventional path to marketing has lead me to helping hundreds of businesses develop a library of images along with getting them online with the Grow with Google initiative.

I always wanted to be a photographer as a child and am so honored I’m getting to live my dream job. I started as a Google Trusted Photographer in 2014, and I’ve been advocating for small businesses to help them grow ever since.

My extensive background in analytics helps me understand not only the beauty behind the images, but I go deeper to understand why people are responding to them and what will work best for your business.

I cannot wait to meet you and see how we can help grow your business with stunning images that showcase what you’ve worked so hard to build!

Kassady Gibson is a commercial photographer located in Birmingham, Alabama. She specializes in portrait, brand photography, product photography, and food photography.

Kassady Gibson is a commercial photographer located in Birmingham, Alabama. She specializes in portrait, brand photography, product photography, and food photography.